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In Asia, transportation often poses a very mysterious challenge which can only be fully comprehended or explained by the locals. Moving around the area on a busy day or through busy localities can be a straight dive into chaotic situations or a faceoff with fate. However, things often work out in the end and everyone eventually arrives at their final destination. Just like most other things in the continent, the contrasts between extremes varies from place to place. With bullet trains speeding along at incredible speed, rickety buses may offer a scarier, yet affordable option.

In areas where there is a functional infrastructure in place, you can trust on agents to plan and manage your trip for you. In other cases, you may have to take the challenge into your own hands and walk yourself through city after city using whether bus or boat, car or train and occasionally depending on some rusty option that should have been taken off the road decades ago!

At iGo Escape, we make it simpler and easier for you so that you can have more time in planning some other more important stuff of your trip. We try our very best and we only work with high-quality partners to bring everything in one place - our website! Here, we have the fullest coverage in Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Singapore, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar and Philippines. As a matter of fact, our partner has already helped more than 250,000 travellers from around the world to get from point A to point B: with no worries, lines, overpayments and with a high-quality service guarantee.

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In Europe

Using the rails system is the most effective way of experiencing the grandeur of Europe and using Rail Europe, you are guaranteed to see 28 countries and 15,000 cities and towns within Europe by exploring their varied selection of tickets and train passes.

As the leading worldwide distributor of European rail products, out partner, Rail Europe is the only one-stop-shop for planning and booking European train travel and sightseeing products. From rail passes to train tickets and reservations, our partner provides unparalleled access to an extensive array of rail products from over 50 European train companies.

Serving travellers and travel agents from America, Asia, Oceania, Africa and the Middle East, discovering Europe by train has been made a lot easier with Rail Europe. The seamlessness of our unique user-friendly booking interface makes it more fun for travellers to pay for their trips using their preferred language and currency.