Phuket, Thailand

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This rainforest island, filled with mountains and beaches, stands in the Andaman Sea. It has recently become a popular travel destination during the summer seasons due to its high-end resorts, spas, water sports, crystal clear waters and sandy beaches. On top of all the natural attractions, the island also holds a historical town and an iconic culture. The easiest, economically feasible and the best way to reach Phuket, Thailand is to use flight offers from Los Angeles. It is also good place to stay and explore the surrounding places such as the world famous Phi Phi Islands.

The sites that should not be missed in Phuket include;

Phang Nga Bay

the sheer limestone cliffs, caves and striking islands of limestone give you a unique and different perspective of the world when you go for kayaking or boating in the Phang Nga Bay. The beautiful lagoons and fantastic natural and picturesque scenes of the aquatic world transport you into a different world away from the hustle and bustle of the modern metropolis giants.


Phi Phi Islands

You can discover the Viking Cave, Monkey Beach and other famous sites by visiting the Phi Phi Islands, using a speedboat from the waters of Phuket. The jade hued waves of the water will mesmerize you with their beauty and clarity. Sheer cliffs and the rising jungles of the island make it look like a fortress standing glorious and lonely in the midst of the crashing waves and sandy beaches.


Phuket FantaSea Show

This 11 act extravagant show is designed to showcase the heritage and cultural beauty of Thailand. It is one of the biggest show organized on the island and is a must see if you are visiting Phuket. The show goes on for 70 minutes and is filled with pyrotechnics, aerial performances, acrobatics, illusions, stunts and much more.

Bangla Road

If you want to enjoy the vibrant night life of the island of Phuket, than Bangla Road is the place to go to. The stroll along this road will assault your senses with an open, humorous and rowdy nightlife. The place is filled with clubs, bars, nocturnal shows and music!


Big Buddha

the large Buddha statue on top of the Nekkerd Hill is visible from most places around the town of Phuket. This 45 meter tall statue was constructed using 3 million baht. It is a beautiful sight and the hill top gives you a view of the traditional Thailand sprawled at the base of the mountains.


Coral Island and Racha Island

These tropical paradises with white sandy beaches and azure waters of the Adaman Sea, are the perfect places for snapping selfies, banana boat riding, coral hunting and snorkeling. And if you are not interested in any of these activities, you can simply lie down on the beach for a relaxing sun bath and meditation.


Other beautiful and worth seeing attractions of Phuket include the; Similan Islands, Wat Chalong and Phuket Temples, Phuket Viewpoints, Beach Clubs, Old Phuket Town and Simon Cabaret Show.

After a day of water activities and island hopping it’s natural to be bone tired and famished. If you want to replenish your energies then treat yourself to the exotic tastes of the traditional and best Thai cuisines of Phuket.

Tom Yam Goong

This mixture of spicy prawn and sour soup is best served in Bang Pae Seafood restaurant and Ang Seafood restaurant.

Mee Hokkien noodle

Mee Ton Poe restaurant, and Loktien restaurant, specialize in this simple Thai delight.

Massaman Curry, Dim Sum, Kanom Jeen Phuket, Khao Man Gai and Por Pia are also worth a try!

If you are living in Los Angeles, check out flight offers from Los Angeles to book a flight and spend the next summer break soaking in the waters of Phuket, Thailand.


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