A realm of magic and contrasting elements. Iceland is a land of dayless winters and nightless summers. Here fire erupts from the ice and rivers meander through the deserts. A landscape of magical beauty and strange natural phenomena like the Aurora Borealis (northern lights) and glaciers. During an Iceland holiday you can see the dance of fire and ice right in front of your eyes. This can be your best holiday destination with its fiery volcanoes and snowcapped mountains.

The tourism authorities in Iceland offer you exclusive Iceland tours of different regions and landscapes of utmost beauties. If you want a holiday where you constantly get surprised with unique nature phenomenon than Iceland holiday is the best one for you.

Things to Do in Iceland:

Whale watching, running, hiking, cycling, caving, ice climbing, bird watching, helicopter Iceland Tours, shopping, and dinning are just few of the things that you can enjoy in Iceland. But the actual fun and magical Iceland tour starts when you go and check out the following:

Snæfellsjökull National Park

The park boasts of a natural glacier, the Snæfellsjökull and many lava tubes and lava fields. Due to its diverse landscape it is filled with many exotic species of animals, birds and plants that cannot be found anywhere else on the planet. It is the most popular place for whale watching and bird watching. And if this does not satisfy you enough than you can go hiking alongside the glacier!

The Blue Lagoon

The blue lagoon is the nature’s luxury spa for you with heated seawater in a magical blue colour. Take a dip into the thermal pool and enjoy the healing properties of the rich mineralized water.

Viking World

Want to take a trip back into the Viking age? Visit the Iceland Viking world which exhibits a replica of the Viking ship complete with the Norse mythology, Viking playground and a settlement zoo.

Dynjandi Waterfall

One of the most beautiful waterfalls of the world is located on the Dynjandivogur Bay. It has many small waterways running around it whereas the actual mighty water comes roaring down a mountain. The area offers you a camping site it the natural reserve where the waterfall is situated.

Rauðasandur Beach

This is a stunning beach fringing the turquoise lagoon. The sands of the beach are pink and red in colour and the coastal trails stretch to the Látrabjarg Bird Cliffs, which is the best place for bird watching in Iceland.

Asbyrgi Canyon

This is a canyon in the northeast region of Iceland and is shaped as a horseshoe. Pine, birch and fir forests are spread at the bottom of the canyon. And according to the local legend this canyon id the home of the “hidden people”. Do not forget to visit as you might get luck and stumble across the legendry hidden people!

Northern Lights

Iceland is famous for being the best vantage point for watching the Aroura Borealis or the northern lights. Seltjarnarnes is the point where your chances of seeing the northern lights are highest.

Djúpalón Beach

This mysterious sandy beach is said to be the home of trolls and elfin churches due to the dramatic rock formations and the black sands of the beach. Many local legends and myths are associated with this beach.

Puffin Island

Islands of Akurey and Lundey are collectively known as the puffin islands due to the colonies of puffins found on them. They are famous for their wildlife which includes cuddly puffins, gorgeous seagulls, cormorants, ducks and guillemots.

If you have planned visit to all these locations and still have some time left on your hands than check out the tectonic plates, Golden Circle Route, Lake Myavathen and many other such natural landmarks in your Iceland tour.


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