Arriving at the airport at your destination is only one aspect of the entire trip especially in instances where your hotel is located kilometres away from the airport you arrive at. Concluding plans to transfer from the airport to your hotel before you even embark on the journey helps you save time and stress resulting from the long process of the travel. Not all transfer options are the same so make sure you understand what to expect before you book a service.

A hotel transfer is the process of getting you from the airport upon arrival to your accommodation, be it a hotel or rented apartment. Most times, this is referred to as airport transfer in some brochures for travellers. The transfers are not necessarily you driving on your own in a rented car. It is usually a case where you are transported by a professional chauffeur who is experienced with the route. Also, the arrangement is made with the transport company responsible for handling the loading and unloading of your luggage.

A quite common form of such transfers is via the shuttle service in most countries, which is often operated as a private enterprise or by the hotel you are booked to stay in. these shuttles depart from the hotels at specific time frames and do not wait for anyone, unless you have particularly reserved one for yourself. Shuttles include buses, vans or hired cars. It can include a waiting time from the period the shuttle is boarded until the shuttle leaves, only if the shuttle is specially booked for your travel group, such as when arriving with a cruise ship group. Most hotel transfers are often executed using taxi services.

The cost for the transfer is more often than not calculated as part of the charge for your resort or hotel package. In such cases, the information is included in the briefing brochure given you by the hotel which contains information about schedules for pickups and drop-offs, locations, etc.

There are usually airports which provide free or low-cost shuttles for transfer to your hotel or accommodation. The “low-cost” however, depends on how far the distance of your final destination. Taxi services usually charge standard fares in situations where there is no existing agreement with the hotel.